As of the shower of “politically correct” articles lately showing up in my news feed in FB, I’d like to add my grain of salt in the punch.

Let’s be clear on one thing – I do not like the Indiana law more than anyone – it’s illegal as far as I’m concerned based your own bill of rights.

However, those, who keep posting me articles about how one or other business has used the law to refuse their service to gay couple, have made me seriously doubt of how wrong the law actually is.

Before you start your hate storm on me, read to the end.

It is wrong to refuse your service, using the law as your excuse to refuse gays or any other who you do not like. We’re all clear on that.

Also wrong is organizing hate fueled campaigns. I read those articles, read the comments and feel as if you’re back in Louisiana hanging the runoff slaves. How is what you are doing now different from that? The seats have changed. Oh yes, that is indeed different. If before it was the oppressive white clan that did the killings, now the minorities have taken the right to do exactly the same and call it justice. Just like it was justice back then. See the difference? I don’t.

It is bigotry to demand justice and equal rights for all to choose, to be to life as they please and then go do something like that based on a newspaper article that has left half the information out for better readability. Just as much as you have the right for your life have they and they have the right to choose, who they do business with. Does it make a difference if they refuse to make you a cake, when you don’t tell them you are gay? Should they start lying to your face in fear of persecution? Does that make you feel better? Because I think that is what you are headed right now.

What the gay society really is heading to is even stronger hatred thanks to those vigilante acts. Why include somebody, who uses hate campaigns as their ultimate weapon into your circle of friends is really something that even make me consider if I want to be related with someone like that or not. Because if they can do it to someone based on an article in newspaper, then they can very well do it to you too.

I don’t say you have to sit silently and do nothing, but seriously – getting even through hate campaigns is criminal no matter who does it! It is bigotry in the greatest scale. You do exactly what you want them not to do to you.

The openness you have coveted for so long becomes the reason for them to fear for their lives? Man! Doesn’t that make you feel good!

Grow up. If you really don’t want a society that measures you based on trivia facts, your belief, your sexuality, your nationality, your skin color, then it is time you also show the respect for their rights by addressing the problems as they are instead of creating the manhunts you so love.


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