To Nano or not to Nano?

Not a question.

Yeah, there are markers in the circle of the year that equal with other people’s holidays. I think I got an idea last night that might rock me thinking world enough to pull enough out of it. Ought to do some pre-work to avoid some of the rocks I know I’ve been having trouble with in the past, but yay! Got an idea!

So yeah, I’m doing Nano. About aliens. Well, I have been missing sci-fi for some time now, keep going back to Star Trek and Babylon 5 and looking over the old series of the Stargate Atlantis and SG-1. So… aliens. And perhaps some extra jokes. Well, it will be fun at least :D.

I ought to make the next week’s assignment too now, as I won’t be around much internet in the upcoming week. Have concert to go and travel a lot to see a friend and grandparents and perhaps take a walk by the sea. I miss the smell of the sea. Oh, well, if I go where I think I have the best access to the sea, it might just be nothing else but the smell of big city sewers, but if that’s all I have , I guess I can’t do much about it.

The concert! Riverdance or Lord of the Dance some kind of version. Well, it was my Christmas gift, so yup, I’m heading there and using it up with all the happiness filling me up (I’m listening right now Ziggy Marly ft Sean Paul – Three Little Birds). I’m not sure if I’m all over the idea of seeing them in real life over all the years that I’ve been listening the songs and just imagined what it would look like to see alien race dancing about the amounts of 200 in one small space and whirling themselves as sun circle. Um. Yeah. Random as it is, that’s what the aliens been doing in my head after one accidental video clip.

Ok, we can all agree that I have one sick and weird mind.

Moving on.

I figured out what the tree like plant is at work that we’ve been having problems with. Everybody’s been telling me it’s a fig of some sort. However (and I’m calling that word my this year’s too-many-places-without-a-reason-word) the leaves just wouldn’t match with any I saw on the net. So I did a different approach and found the monster – it’s a freeking Money Tree! And everything it tells you to do with the fig is like complete opposite to what it needs. Bang bang!

At least now I know what I need to do with it. Which is nice.

I should use this writing frenzy on my assignments and on the story somewhere now.


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