Sometimes, when we are stuck and can’t get a move on, we need blast in the back, so to say, to get us going. Or at least that’s what it felt like to roam through the old files on my harddrive and happen on a short series called Jekyll!

If you’re familiar with James Nesbitt’s other works (Bofur in Hobbit, Hans M. Prince in Cinderella, Murphy in Murphy’s Law) you can be sure that you’re up for a good show. Just look at that face – isn’t that what you’d like to see in space of… Actually, now that I think of it, that is the last face I’d like to see when I hear something sniffing in the dark and put the lights on. It’s not without reason this series has 8,3 in IMDB!

I first came upon this series accidentally some years back, when shuffling through TV channels in search for something to watch. I clicked past it at first, but when I was about six channels away I realized I’d seen something that I couldn’t quite point down. So I went back and saw the last quarter of minutes of the third episode and it left me sitting baffled.

Took me exactly a week – because I pinpointed down at what time whatever that was was supposed to be on tv – and went back on that channel exactly at that time only to find out the name of it so I could search it out. All because the tv channels have this curious habit of deleting the name of the show the moment it is over. But back I was and back I sat and stared at it again.

I like The strange case of Jekyll and Hyde, because to me it is a fantastic twisted metamorphosis of my favorite Beauty and the Beast stories. I know the two aren’t any way possible to put in one sentence, ever, but I just love the hybrid monster/man fight going on here. Odd is, despite liking adaptations of Jekyll and Hyde and even accepting some of the skinwalker stories (that in core actually do go in the same line here), I don’t tolerate much vampires and their “lost my soul – got it back because of you” stories. Taming beasts are for virgins – women embrace the beast and wish he’d never change. Or they demonstrate the beast really sitting inside them. Which doesn’t quite explain Spike… Ok, next thing to search out while I’m on net.

Well, back to Jekyll. As I’m currently deeply invested in character study (that is, despite giving up on writing about 8 times a day right now, I still find myself trying to solve that math puzzle called Character), this is like sweetest honey on dried lips. Perfection that makes you purr!

I have seen some movie adaptations of  Jekyll and Hyde, but never something like that and I was glad I took it up and searched the rest of the series out too. The ending for example – stories like this do not get good endings. The guy dies – it’s bad, the guy lives – it’s bad too. There just isn’t a way to come clean out of this. Yet they managed it and I’m not gonna tell you how – you really need to look it up yourself. Just look at that grimace here – adorable! Worth the watch!


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