3 is the charm

I like number 3, or it’s more like number 3 likes me. After realizing my biggest stumbling stone I have in literature right now and going through the stories I’m currently most keen on writing – all three share the same problem. So I’m currently going through my library in search for solution. Personal stakes. That’s the key phrase right there.

As if helpful hints that yeah, you’ve got the problem, are the interesting articles popping up around me on writing good strong characters. I will find the solution for this, even if I do have to read through half of the library again. You hear this? I’m in good mood. And who wouldn’t be? It’s no snow outside! Dirty and dusty, but no snow!

Which took me to dress shopping. I have been contemplating change of style together with this season. I guess it’s not so much to rattle myself up, but to give folks around me something to deal with. Lately I’ve heard a lot of sneaky remarks behind my back, when I’m not suppose to hear, how people know what I’m gonna do next or think next, because they think they know me so well, when it has been completely opposite to what I really think. So, in order to change this charade, I’m gonna change my style. And one way to do that with effect is to move from long skirts (and I’ve been wearing long skirts for years) to above knee dresses. Yay!

It won’t be so shocking to me as I’ve been thinking of this move for some time now, but I haven’t really discussed it besides my mom, who went as far as getting the first dress. So I went and got another one for daily wear too. Last time I even contemplated about shorter line, sis got the short skirt to herself and made it into her own, because my family’s reaction was bluntly “scare the people some other time”. Hehee, and now I’m gonna do just that.

And no, I’m not planning anything very provocative just yet – just something simple, classic and something that would play nice with my fuller figure, because I like it rather lot and my reason for full skirts has never been to hide my body. I just don’t feel I ought to show it to everybody as it is not FOR everybody.

April Nano is drawing near. So I’m contemplating if to go with something nutty and new or try finish the mermaid story that has been nagging on the back of my mind for a while. Yet, for that I also need to finish off the problem with the main character, which takes me back to the reality that I have the same problem with her that i have with others – personal stakes.


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