They have arrived!


They have arrived! My copies of the anthology are now in my hand and I’m staring at these darlings with all the sparkle my eyes can hold! 😀

Also – oh, I love myself so much! – I saw that I had put my story blog as a place to go see what I have written so far in the author’s description. So, yeah, I am waking it up again. It’s interesting though, how it keeps coming back. Well, I am giving it a second chance and see how it goes.

It has been busy day in my writing – first, and most important! The anthologies arrived. Sis brought them to my work and we celebrated a little with good sushi. Sis read my story and she laughed – “Let me guess – Madli was the inspiration.” Yup, she sure was!

After that I took a deep breath and consentrated on antoher important task I had set for myself. Besides the work, of course. I chopped up the story I have for 2YN course. After posting the first assignments, I’ve been feeling that something is very off with the character. Not in her lesson or what she has to go through, but something on the core level. A friend of mine already reminded me that I had another story with a weak main character, who had the goal, but no heart, so to say. Both of the stories have some prework done on them and neither is perfect. BUT if to put them together…!

So together I put them. And today’s main task was to get them work together too. It was nice as now I have much clearer tasks for her to fill. But to go any further and deeper, I now need to print out the encyclopedia I made for the stories and mix them so I later will know what I’m doing and so I know what I can use as leaverege for other characters so I can make her the sort of character I want her to be. Plus I think I found the inspiration to use as base for her character type, so I ought to take a book from library for it at some point before I begin writing the text itself. I know it sounds complicated and messed up, but considering the task, and that only 1/4th of it is done, I’d say it is on the right track at least and now I can start clearing the mess out. WHICH IS SO GOOD!

The work computer is opening everything up in WordPad. It is driving me nuts. I know there ought to be a Word 2013 somewhere in this mess of Windows 8, but I am yet to find it. Until then – ARGH!

As to top it all off, besides that I did 2 pages of editing. Should get a marker here somewhere on half-done works with deadline perhaps. You know, for “inspiration/frustration”.

Yeah 😀

Just wanted to let you know and share the good feeling.



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