Organizing privacy

It is third week (technically 2nd, but calendar says third and who am I to argue?) of January and I feel as if it is already the end of January. I know I haven’t been very active here lately, but life takes its own toll every now and then.

So, little updates on what’s been going on.

I began editing the Dead Child’s Portrait. Finally. Until tonight I’ve been second guessing myself and disliking the first page so much that…! Well, tonight it seemed a bit less evil, so I sucked it in and started. There is few big problems I know I ought to address if I am to work on on this story, but I guess I’ll just have to find the solutions and just go with the flow for change. But I’m on 3rd page and didn’t skip the first page, so yay! I have 3 pages done!

Talking of flow – I signed up on 2 Year Novel Course again, presented by Lazette Gifford. I did try once before, but then school cut it short, ’cause even with 10 + years of practice, you never really count on how much work one or other story demands. Yes, well, now I know better and say the amount of work only seems to grow the more you learn. Now that I don’t have school any more, I guessed I might as well try again for I do have a story that I am very much interested on getting done the proper way (ha ha haa!).

The story I chose is the one that I sought out couple of months ago. I wrote about it here. Reusing wasn’t quite working out. However, then an other odd idea from the past – more like a character – stuck to the story and suddenly it changed its form, gathered some fury and now it is pretty much workable. It is intriguing to me, because the morality of the story isn’t clean cut – just the way I like it and thus I feel it might live up to working on it for the next 2 years. Hehee – my next twisted tale of human moral justice.

I have lost my mechanical pen it seems. So tomorrow I’m gonna get that thing first.

Few days ago I realized that I need order back in my life. The past month has been one mess over another, because I trusted someone else to take the responsibility over things, because I’ve been having serious trouble with painful tooth that demanded antibiotics and painkiller mix which seriously messed up with my brain for nearly 3 weeks, that when I woke up from that messy time, I realized I really was in a mess. I started with clearing my laptop and PC and re-organizing some of the books I have. Next will be my table and then organizing my writing life a little. Things like, maybe doing the assignments of 2YN for every Friday?

And talking of assignments – 90 Days To Your Novel A Day-By-Day Plan For Outlining & Writing Your Book.  Yeah, I got it. Well, getting it more like it. Together with the copies of the anthology, it is supposed to arrive in few days. I’m expecting no miracle from it, but inspiration and perhaps few ideas to help developing a proper system out of what I already tested. Which I love! So! Yes, I’m think together with the other two this might just be interestingly wickedly good for me. Even if it is “from someone, who hasn’t written a book herself”, to which I’d like to reply – those, who can’t, teach! And they do it often better than those, who can write. Individual thing I guess :).

But yeah. I am thinking of organizing myself a bit more so I can get accomplished more. Well, until Walking Dead hasn’t got a new episode, there is very little to distract me :).


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