A stormy day

Lately I’ve noticed that everything I do in my life, I like it to be in balance in the most oddest ways. For example when cooking cakes (layers, fluffy, pretty) I often want to watch some horror show like Twilight Zone series. When I’m making Barbie dresses, I like watching Doom or Predator. When reading romance, I prefer a horror story after that and when listening medieval mix metal in the morning, I love some jazz for the evening. Like everything has to balance out somehow – proper and fixed lifestyle with complete mess on the way. If there is a heavily stressful time period in my life I always take ill as body needs rest i want to give it to it or not.

Everything has to balance out.

Plus I’ve had one strange yet so adorable day that I sincerely hope it won’t be last one like that. Especially if the laughing wrinkles are involved. Gosh, those laughing wrinkles make my heart race :D.

And outside it is still the strongest autumn storm we’ve had this year and even my meter long dachshund was pressed against the wall by the nasty winds, which didn’t seem to bother her at all.

So you see – everything has to be in balance.


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