Ecnn-10, part 2

He disappeared for the next two days altogether, avoiding even coming near her shadow. On the third day he was forced to meet her again. His father had somehow found out about their meeting and had interrogated him the whole morning.

He watched her meet up few friends in the lobby and took a deep breath, hoping it would help him stay stern. He didn’t feel stern though – even after years of schooling he felt as if jelly, who’d just been given a suicidal task. To ease the weirdness of the situation and fasten things up, he marched right behind her and grabbed her hand, pulling her away from the circle.

“Hey!” she let out a protest.

“My father wants to talk to you,” he pushed through his teeth. She immediately obeyed, walking to the shown direction. She didn’t dare to ask, why, before they got to the secluded corridor to his quarters.

“Someone has penetrated the security. There’s an hour missing in the tapes.”

“Tapes?” She was surprised that so high-tech nation was still using tapes to keep data.

“You call it tapes – you don’t have the name for what we use.”

“Alright, tapes they are.” She gave up.

“What has it to do with me?”

“The recordings are about your lab.”

“Oh!” She blushed, realizing the probability of it being the hour they spent together was greater than like 100 percent.

“He wants to know what you were doing there.” He continued, keeping up such space she had hard time following.


“He has already learned my version, he now wants your side of it.”

“Ow…. And what were we doing there?”

He pulled her on the move again. “You were studying.”

“I was?” she sounded surprised, but immediately declared. “Yes, I was. How much does he know?”

“That’s all – you were studying.” He said between his teeth.

“Stop acting so weird!” she got angry. “How much did you tell him?”

“I told him nothing more – we can’t lie to our blood relatives! I only said you were studying and that’s all! If I say more than one sentence, he’ll beat me to death as he’ll know I was lying! You will have to lie for us.”

That brought her to a prompt stop. “Me?”

She was appalled – his father was too great of a warrior and she couldn’t even lie to her parents – what was he thinking when choosing her to take the blame?

He pulled her on the move again. “Yes. I can’t lie to him, but I’ve seen you, people, do it and you’re so good at it, it’s almost sickening.”

“I am not…!”

“Hush! I’m already violating my boundaries – I shouldn’t even be talking to you!” He took a fast cautious look around.

She turned pale.

“Why did they send you after me in the first place if they’re confirming our stories?” she asked suddenly, after they’d walked some time in silence. “I mean, shouldn’t they keep you away from me until you’re word is proven sturdy enough for the weather?”

“As it is natural not to lie to your own men, it would be dishonorable to stoop to that level, wouldn’t it?”

She meant to ask why he thought humans were much different, but Tamiel pushed her in the room, taking his stand on their right, head bound. She stared at the captain with wide eyes. His words had truly upset her, but in order to keep him out of it, she had to push it deep back in her heart.

The captain gave her a slight introduction to why she had been summoned and went straight to the point.

“What were you doing at that time?” he asked, serious.

“I was studying I guess…” Shit, that was a bad start, she realized, but it was out. “Well, first I went to hear the ritual, but then Tamiel got caught in my sleeve and we went in my lab, where I keep the scissors.”

“Scissors?” He didn’t know the word.

“Yes, those… um… two blades put together that cut thinner materials.” She jested to show, how.

“Then what?”

“I didn’t feel like going back, so I worked with the plants I have there and asked Tamiel few questions…”

So far she had been unease, visibly nervous, but suddenly something fixed in her eyes and her stand changed.

“What sort of questions?”

“Why they were singing in there and that it wasn’t like birds on earth, but… He explained me the ritual.” She said softly. The man’s brows took a leap higher. “Yes, well, it’s sort of… embarrassing.” She added after a pause.

“In what way?”

“Well, if in the study they explained us it in general terms, he put in some details…” she wasn’t lying. She kept in mind how he had explained him that it wasn’t the birds singing kind of interaction, but something more chemical thing. It had taken less than five seconds from their conversation, but that’s what she concentrated on right now. This way she was still telling the truth, only she didn’t have to revile the whole truth.

“He did, huh?”

She nodded slowly. “Verbally.” She added fast, realizing the meaning behind his sly look. The expression went lost – he obviously didn’t know the meaning.

“With words.” She explained and the look disappeared.

Yes, keep telling myself, it was only his words he used, she thought, remembering his hands…

“You’re sexually aroused right now – why’s that?”

She felt the heat of embarrassment grow from the tips of her toes up to her hair routs and making her speechless. That was sort of out of subject.

“I…” her eyes flew on Tamiel for a second, saw his surprised look, decided she wasn’t quite ready to take that leap yet  and turned back to his father.

“I was thinking on my boyfriend.” She admitted fast.

She was still telling the truth, she said to herself, even if that “boyfriend” was Tamiel and his gorgeous… she blushed.

“Your boyfriend?” the captain asked. “I didn’t know you had such relations on Earth?”

That was an easy answer. There had been a guy, who called her out few times just before they left in hope of gaining some fame. Personally she had thought nothing of the guy, being fully aware of his agendas, but right now, he was perfect scapegoat to be truthful.

A sly grin came to her face. “Even my parents don’t know.” Which was true – she hadn’t told them about the punk and never planned to.

On the other hand, the news brought a dark cloud over Tamiel’s face, making his soldier stand look even grimmer than before. She decided to deal with him later, right now she had to concentrate on his father.

“And among humans it’s considered rude to mention them being aroused.” She added on low tone, blushing hard.

That took their conversation on totally different level as the next half an hour she spent explaining, why it was so, making others in the room flinch.

But that also ended the nagging interrogation and they were released.

Right after the door had closed she hissed to Tamiel.

“Why did you take the recording in the first place?” She was surprised he would even consider taking them as she knew it hadn’t been her.

He grabbed her from the arm and dragged her fast in the nearby empty corridor.

“I’m no thief and never ever suggest me otherwise!”

She frowned. “Well, I certainly didn’t take it – I have problems even with getting in my room with that tricky machine of yours!”

He grew eerie. “Then… who took it?”

She would gladly have said she didn’t care as she had no problem with the kiss, when it suddenly dawned on her that to a man on his position, that video would have proven fatal and that was way different matter. Especially as humans were still considered somewhat differently than others on the ship and thus seeing him kiss one would have been a good excuse to dispose of him.

“Mom warned me not to get involved with politics!” she paled and leaned against the wall behind her.

He stared at her. She looked so displeased with the situation, he felt bad even thinking she might have skills like that to hack in the system. He had known it from the beginning it couldn’t be her, but his rattled up mind refused to take it as the ultimate truth.

“I’m sure whoever he was; he’ll come to us soon.”

She looked up at him and gave him a slight smile. “Well, I see nothing to be embarrassed about – it was nothing but a kiss there.” She shrugged.

His voice drop an octave, when he said seriously “We don’t have what you call “a kiss” – what we call it is entering in a relationship.”

Her ghost white cheeks was probably all the answer he was gonna get, so he left, leaving the girl to think over that little act of theirs.


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