Reading news

I’d like to remind you that my writing blog is closed. Those, who sign up for it – you will never see any updates.

I reached 43 4 34  words yesterday, so I’m writing this a bit ahead so I can deal with reaching the 46 666 tomorrow in order to have the week-end for finishing the entire Nano event.

The last few days is like reading parody news. Or having a parody life.

For example I got a book, The 90-Day Novel yesterday. After I’ve been waiting for it over four months! I was hoping to use it/test it somewhat with Nano, but as it didn’t come in time, I concentrated testing out the other method, which, by the way, I like very much. However, I am still happy that it finally came and even though right now I’m concentrating on finishing the story as I am going right now, without changing the method in the middle (especially right now when  I think I might have chosen the bad POV and should rewrite the whole thing in another POV) and taking/testing the other method later on. Brother finds it hilarious.

It’s not that the firm had hard time delivering it or something. It seems that I got a new version of it, not the version I originally ordered. I know it was out of print at some point and I was prepared to ask a whole new offer on used copy of it, but then the lady in the office said the new firm they asked to send it has actually sent it out and they are expecting it to arrive in few days. Which was great news! However, it seems that the reason I was waiting for it so long is that between my order and the arrival, they have actually put it into a reprint and now I have a second, expanded edition of it. Not disappointed at all.

I am a bit hyper, so bare with the long sentences, please.

And then I read the news.

Sometimes you just shouldn’t, but lately, it’s like comedy show. Few headlines for you:

  • British are helping Russia to identify their own tanks in Kiev.
  • Tiny Baltic prepares to take on Russia
  • Italian police filmed mobsters secret oath ceremony
  • Piece of space trash or destroyer of the satellites?
  • Russian police demands reindeer for service to stop Nenets.
  • Duma is discussing if to send Putin’s sperm to single women so they can be fertilized by Putin.
  • Estonia sent Estonia white piano to Ukrain as humanitarian aid (this just – HOW?! WHY?!)

To say this is not like bad joke, is understatement.  I understand that the problem is serious – considering where I live, it would be hard not to take it more serious than the rest of the world. I’m just… impressed would be the softest way to put it. It’s just  the news. When Russia opens the Estonian propaganda channel – imagine what all new we learn from there! Maybe we have hidden nuclear base in Haanja or perhaps a nice radioactive lake called Võrtsjärv? Or maybe we eat children?

God knows, but this – this is just beyond words what’s going on in the news. And it isn’t getting any better.

So I’m back at writing about gargoyles in the silly story and feeling good that they are fictional characters who have fictional problems.


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