Updates on Nano

I was hoping to get to 40 000 tonight. Then arrived at work and in less than fifteen minutes developed such a migraine I haven’t had in years. Now, few trips to the bathroom and several painkillers later I’m starting to feel more normal again. However, I decided to skip tonight’s writing and perhaps read something instead. I am at 35 000 right now, so nothing bad will happen if I do decide to skip the night. Perhaps later, if the brain is working again I might get few words, but not taking it compulsory.

Fellow writers in Tartu are having get-together. And I am skipping them again. Not because I wouldn’t want to go – I really do – but because I am at work. I feel bad about that, but work obligations don’t disappear just because you want to.

One thing is sure – I do not want to search ideas for the apartment from pinterest tonight or do anything that demands moving anything up or down on the screen.

So perhaps a movie night with some mandatory beefcake is in order.

Which reminds me – I finally recalled the image that inspired Thorwald for my current Nano project! Click on the image and it will take you straight to the gallery of Tyler Jacobson. I love his artwork and been watching it for  few years now. He is truly good with his imagination. Take the next image after the “Thorwald” for example – the bowman – it is what inspired the tree spirit Miloard, although in the story he is nothing like it. But, hey, we’re not here to copy their ideas, but to be inspired by them Go see the artwork – it is worth the visit :).

by Tyler Jacobson


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