Fan theory of folk patterns

I saw this in my dream and woke up, it clearly in my mind, and although it is not true – and that’s based on my knowledge and history studies, so yes, I know it is wrong theory – I found it very interesting and amusing at the same time.

Coptic sockThe theory I saw in my head was in the form of a map and several images that kept flying together like a slide show. The theory was this: If you look at the folk patterns of the world, you notice an interesting trend: they begin in early history in Egypt (Coptic sock on the left) and from there time to time it travels all the way up to North (the mitten pattern sheet on the right).

1161584447234Similar? Of course they are, and very well explainable by anthropology and human psychology and even by looking at the patterns in the nature and how they develop. That’s in real life. Ok.

But according to that theory, throughout the early middle ages the patterns spread like wildfire all over Europe with human communication. However, while in the origin places, the patterns evolved further, the farther away to north, the patterns evolved with the same speed, creating soon a situation, where you have different development stages of the patterns and cultures.

Thus, if you look at it this way, the Mediterranean lands might have the oldest cultures in the world, but we experience the more original, closer to the origin patterns/ culture than they do, because we still have this culture left! We still have the patterns that they have already dismissed.

End of the little dream theory. But I just wanted to write it down, because in my dream it sounded really solid (despite knowing immediately it is not) and cool and I wanted to remember that.


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