Gods have bad sense of humor, but everyone keep laughing.

Remember, when I mentioned I’m writing NaNo this year based on a specific house? The house that is known to bring out this specific expression from everybody I mention it to or who see it for the first time?

Guess, where I got the offer to move and I accepted…


This is my brother’s reaction, when I told him:


Before he resonated to this and congratulated me for bravery:


That’s because for the past two weeks we’ve been talking and reminiscing on the “good old days” we’ve both had in the house, when we worked there. Not living means we see more than most people and well, we both agreed that it makes one cool background for a story.

Yes, good background – not the most ideal living space!

Well… That’s arguable. We have it a bit differently than most students. Yes, it is old, the living conditions are definitely not like you’d have in the Euro standard renovated houses. But it has got its values, the sort of style code you don’t find elsewhere and… Oh yes, I’m on course of making myself like the house. Mostly, because it will be cheaper. And right now, that is a good thing. Plus the promise of getting out of the standard gray wall house is oh so tempting! As lovely as they are serene, I am for certain not the kind of person who would like living there eternally.

However, now I’m in mode of listing things in my mind again to be sure I have got everything with me that I will need and searching places, where to get some furniture from, ’cause apparently, it comes mostly empty.

I can’t make up my mind if I’m dead scared or very exited. Both, I guess. But the fact that I can turn that room into something more appealing and the fact that tools do not fall off my hand, I can see potential and that’s exiting.

Thankfully, the move will take place after Nano and I’m happy for it. I do want to finish the story as I really like it now. Well, it is working and doesn’t get stuck so easily.

Ok, I’ve spent the 350 words I could have written in the Nano, so I ought to turn back now.


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