20 000 shout out!

8th day in November and I reached 20k. I am very, very pleased. For several good reasons:

a) The story is moving on its track! Whoot! That’s always a good reason. Although I don’t think it will be very win-the-world sort of story, it is the sort of story I wanted to write and so, I am happy. Plus I’m using it as test subject for a writing method, so, as you know, the first lamb always goes wondering.

b) The method – it’s bloody working! Two years of researching and mixing two different methods until they made me cry and I finally found the combination that makes at least somewhat sense. And it works! Yeah, they are perhaps not based on all the mighty library I’ve gathered over the years, but they all have a part in it. So I can’t really say that it’s a mix of two. It’s more of a mix out of

First method that really got me puzzled and after that intrigued to core, was this one – Create a plot outline in 8 easy steps. Nothing’s easy that proclaims to be easy. This method for sure is not. But so far it has been most logical way to solve rising problems in the story. Combine this with Essentials of Screenwriting: The Art, Craft, and Business of Film and Television Writing by Richard Walter (which I’ve talked about before on how good this book is to anyone working on story!) and they are enough to keep you busy for a year.

The second method I have tried to get working in several test runs before is How to Expand an Outline into a Novel. Seems easy essay? Well, I guess it is, but after running into errors more than six times – it is freekishly hard! First time I recognized that I need more pre-work for a novel instead of just going nuts. Which so far has worked for me too.

Combined it all together with fourth method, GMC (Debra Dixon method), which I also tend to bring up a lot in the conversation, because it really is one of the best ways to build a character from deep within and by focusing what is important for the story rather than what color their eyes are. Which, by itself, is important fact to note out somewhere, but not really so important on the position of the story.

So yeah, after preparing and testing and combining these four and trying to get them work, because I WANT them to work for me in some combination – they are actually working! Well, so far, so I am seriously hoping it will pull through, because if it does – I finally have a method that works for me!

c) Soundtracks! There has been nearly a three year gap since I last did writing with soundtracks. I used to make soundtracks for Nano, but a lot has changed and reality is, I don’t like to write much with music anymore.

However, this changed, when I discovered that I am very fond of three soundtracks lately that work perfectly for the sort of mood I was hoping to create: Vikings OST, Red Riding Hood OST and Jade Warrior OST. Dark, moody, northern, fir needles and moss and mist. Purrrfect. So this year’s Nano goes by soundtracks.

But most of all, I am still happy for the lovely second reason and, of course, the first reason. Yeah, just thought I’d do a little update between the word counts :D.


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