8 weeks until Christmas!

Or in other words, guess what night it is? You guessed! Or you got help – doesn’t matter. Halloween!

I could play the game “I see… something that wears white. I see… a Rastafarian walking with a nun. I spot… a bride and a zombie.”

I can predict to you on this holy night that the bride will be coming home crying, the bunny will have her ears snapped in half and the angel will be brought back between the dog and a doctor.

How I know that?

Well – it’s Halloween. The devils go flying and witches celebrate beginning of a new year. And what a good year it will be – New Moon rose in perfect crescent.

The best “trick” comes tomorrow – do they know that the children’s face paints (sold at the local market) they use – the black and blue stain for a week and the red does not come off? So all those black eyes for ghosts and blue half-face thingies – Halloween ends after vigorous washing a week later. I’ll smile to you with respect – it takes a lot to carry that dick painted on your face (poor guy – he should be rewarded for the best costume) for a week to follow… 😀

Oh my, sometimes I wish it wasn’t from real life.


Guess what night it is too?


And THAT is worth the celebration. I have the characters ready, story ready, organized and outlined. Ready to add words and see how the characters will work together. So tonight, besides the guys dressed as Belles, the zombie whose oozey handprint will be the highlight of tomorrow morning for dear cleaning lady, yelling Indians (I’m sorry, but this punch really is loud) and punch of costumes that consist of nothing else but devil horns, I’ll send my character to meet Gargoyles, Griffin, Goblins and few others… 🙂


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