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Little announcement for you all 🙂 – I moved my entire writer’s blog in with this one. There is now a category and page named MY STORIES that holds all the 150+ stories I have posted in that blog for your enjoyment.

The reason for shutting it down is also simple – two readers. Well, don’t worry, I won’t stop posting stories, they will just now be part of this blog instead of the other one.

Thus I reorganized this blog a bit.  If you look in the Categories, you’ll see that there are a huge list of things with occasional headlines in capital letters. After some time I hope there won’t be any Määratlemata in that list, but that will take some time as it is result of the little change WP took up years back and I’ve just been a bit lazy working it out.

I am now fully working on the Nano story idea and trying to organize it so I can finish it without running into wall. I am testing out a working theory I read about and been dying to test and few test runs have run into errors – but hey, it’s like learning to knit, right? You keep going and trying. I just like that method a lot and I’m not willing to give up on it just like that. But in order to test it out again and this time with success, it still asks for lot of pre-work, which does mean I ought to work on it now, not next week.

However, I do like the story. It is very odd one, but also has conflict and it keeps expanding, so I have a good feeling about this. After NaNo there will be few months of editing work ahead.



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