Penny for your thoughts

I am currently out of job life and typing much duo chest pain that keeps hitting me down every 5 or so minutes and making moving my left side rather discouraging. As I’m not used to sitting around doing nothing, on my last day in town, I went to library and brought home few books to read until my left side decides to behave again. So I might be a bit off from writing for a while.

I’m also doing research on Sauron, as I think he inspired one of my main characters for the plot idea I’m working on. Not the character himself, but an image of him. And perhaps the character as well. I just feel I want to know more about him.

With that I explored the vast internet.

That was a mistake. I didn’t find much on Sauron and I’m currently turning pages of Silmarillion again, but I did stumble on something that would make you speechless the least. Let me rephrase it – it will make you speechless for sure.

There has been often suggestions that Lord of the Rings trilogy is full of homosexual hints. Just look at the fact that there are more men interacting with each other than women! Now ain’t that neat? I’m not even gonna explain you the reality of medieval Europe or knighthood or vassal relations nor am I gonna deny homosexual relations did not exist – they did and probably on vaster lain than one would expect.

That said, I still find amazement how much effort is put into reading between the lines in books that have already been researched through and through. I used to try to look at the books the same way when I was younger – try to understand the meaning behind the story. Now that I spend majority of my time researching, reading and writing novels myself, I realize more and more how over analyzed books and movies are and can only say one thing: grownups, stop over thinking! Enjoy it if you like it!

Like this guy here! I had to go back and read it twice to understand the heck did I just read?

Seriously – stop over thinking! These are movies! These are books! You read the story, you like it or not. They are meant to entertain WITHOUT hidden meanings! What used to be normal when the book was written (like being part of companionship that excluded all women did not meant immediate homosexual relations between the members!), may not be considered normal when you read it! Books and movies are never meant to be analyzed by the moral system you grew up in. They are part of the cultural heritage of times they were written in. This sudden hoard of articles as “The 50 shades of gray will turn you binge drinker with multiple partners” goes in the same line.

I just… who makes those “could be turning…” science researches? It goes in the same category with “video games make you violent” and “cartoon violence”. Sorry to break it to you, but things that we watched as kids would not get through in today’s cartoon world. They would be too violent. That much of “greener and lighter was the past” illusion for you. And with that – do not analyze those cartoons based on your moral values now. They will never stand a chance and they shouldn’t have to – they were our past.

Same way such “has hidden meaning, a.k.a. sexual orientation, religious message, etc.” that you label those old books with – most writers write the story in them, get it out of their system, edit it, format it and then send it to the world. If this book starts a revolution, that’s fine.  With a book, there is always 3 sides of the coin – the writer, the reader and the book. The writer is the tales, the reader the heads and the book, the thing that connects the two is the rim. But when you read blogs like that which are based on “understanding” the one side of the coin without actually acknowledging the other two, it is a sad day.

I didn’t plan to type this much. I just found the need to fume a bit after revelation like that. I’ll return to my story now with hopes that one day I do not have to read analyzes like that from the internet. Actually, it would be interesting, now that I think about it, because I could get a good emotional kick to restart the heart should I ever have a need for that.


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