Dracula: Untold

Decided to go to cinema yesterday. Out of the blue. Didn’t manage to get there then, but then decided to do it today instead.

There wasn’t anything quite anything that would go with my interest or with anything, but I did decide to go to see Dracula: Untold after some deliberation.

I’m not into vampires much – given, if the story is good or kicks something deep in me, any character will go – so I went to see it purely out of curiosity. I knew it wasn’t anything like the classic Dracula story it stated it would be based on. Lately, if you read that a movie is based on a book or the other way around, it really means “I took the names, but wrote my own idea behind it”. This was no exception. Strange is, if you search the book on Amazon, they actually sell the original Bram Stoker under his face.

However, I did not held it against it. Mostly, because I liked the main character and his reasons to take his actions were understandable to me (need to protect your own family is something I completely understand). I did found it disturbing though how many “I love you”s flew through the movie. Even the guys behind me started complaining about it about half way through the movie. As much as I understand this being some kind of staple in US, it is really weird to see in context of Europe – here, you say it you mean it. You don’t toss it everywhere as easy way to show love or as “good night.”. It looked as weird as it sounded. There were other such strange things running through which came through as strange, but in general I took it as it was – a fantasy story about a father and king trying to protect his beloved.

I guess the most critique from me would go to the group, who cut it together. There was a group of men behind me, who kept commenting on the movie throughout and although that does disturb, I kept fighting the urge of tossing my hand up and give them high five for there was a lot I agreed on. Mostly it was lovely – those mountains took me breathless and there were many lovely details and the light in the rooms were adorably warm and cozy. I would have cut the introduction from the son though. It had no good connection to the movie and didn’t add nice wrap up to it.

However, I did love the fact that there was a lot of nudity in the movie, but no sex scenes. As much as it would “add to the story” (yes, I am being sarcastic), in this movie it would have made it tackier and I was glad they kept it out.

I’m not commenting on much more, for it is still a new movie. As a visual – breathtaking. As a story – classic and sweet, but doesn’t hold quite the edge it could have. As movie techniques –  could have some things done better, but in long term I don’t think I’d change anything. The satisfactory level? Despite some things that bothered, I got what I went for. There was love, character to identify with, beauty and story. Perhaps not for everybody’s taste, but as Vlad says in the movie: “Sometimes people don’t need a hero, they need a monster.” The ending – completely out of context and oh so freekin’ adorable, my heart actually jumped happily when I came home and read that there “might be” a sequel. I loved the ending , so shoot me. First vampire over long time that tickled my heart. Not enough to go nuts about, but actually good enough to leave you fulfilled for fantasy horror romance.


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