Squirrel instincts

I am taking myself off coffee. To see if I can manage to go through the nights without it and to get a bit healthier. I just want to see how it goes.

After the horror night I somehow calmed down, went and dealt with the paperwork, got a good night sleep and woke up all different. So starting from day before yesterday I no longer am part of University as a student. Well, what can you do, really? good news is because I hadn’t got to sign up to anything yet, I don’t have to pay anything this year either. Which, given my current budget and bills is fantastic news. Of course I had to add another bill in the budget, which I hadn’t thought about (or let’s put it this way – the demand for that money did not exist before that time), but even with that, if I keep seriously tight line, I should be able to get things in line by the half of next month.

That’s probably the reason, why I am suddenly keen on war time recipes and on living on very tight budget. So I’m introducing niece to poor people’s food now. Actually, that is very misleading. In reality, being poor does not mean one sided eating nor does it mean your portions are cut so small you would be constantly hungry. I’m just bringing back some of the dishes that we didn’t do often when we had more money. Things like cabbage stew, different sort of porridge (just more variations), roasted liver (don’t give me the wrinkled noses – that is very good if done right and I know just how to make it perfectly!), headcheese, different pates and so on. Liver is actually very cheep, takes a bit preparing though, but it can be prepared, cleaned and  cooked all in half an hour. And it is fulfilling. Should try making ribs again.

Frugal in extreme is never good, but given the circumstances – some frugal budgeting is in order.


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