I saw the word in Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess blog. It sounds beautiful, like Greek muse out on a stroll. Go to her page to find out, what it means ;).

I’m on a stand still in writing at the moment. Gotta have those pauses, right? On the other hand I have been reading a lot, finished 4 different books in less than a week, plus numerous short stories from different sources. I started going though my library to find inspiration for the elven story I’m working on. However, I so far have read not even one with elves in it. At first I thought it would be fun to twist it so the FMC would get from real world into elven world, and then realized that it doesn’t quite turn it into urban fantasy.

The 4 books I read were gay romances. I picked them up randomly and just started reading them. I didn’t plan to do it, especially as I keep instead searching out J.R.Ward books mostly and there are few other series that keep hopping out from the masses. I have read few first books in J.R.Ward’s The Black Dagger Brotherhood, but now the interest has risen again.

How could I pick up 4 gay romances randomly? You know the lovely Kindle? Either I haven’t figured it out yet, or it really does not have the function of seeing information about the books on the device. In order to see, what the book is about, I would have to go to the Amazon homepage. And that is irritating if you have already downloaded the book on the device. It is very solid suggestion to do something about that. Because if I’m outside internet or not particularly interested in doing the little side trip to Amazon, I am left with pretty much guessing what book I am reading next. Yes, I remember about 100 of them vaguely, but I already have nearly 300 books on it and I can’t even comprehend how they have missed such a small important detail on their development?

But I don’t regret the randomness for they were all very different types of solving the old age question of love and partnership and helped with seeing different kind of writings.

I should stop now, for I hoped to do some work today.



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