Echoes from 1998

Last week-end I had an epiphany. A fancy word (that I can actually spell without the help of Google!) for a realization that hit me to the core. In The Anatomy of Story by John Truby, which I’m lately quite obsessed about, but don’t get very far fast, because I want to do things nice and slow, is an exercise to determine what you want to write about. I did it few times and kept listing things up just to see how it would work out.

Last week-end I realized that indeed there were several things that kept rolling out that seem to interest me intrigue me quite a lot. I am right now thinking if to use that insight about me – which I should, if to believe that book itself – and rethink few ideas that have got stuck somewhere. That’s the problem, you see, that I keep writing out the story synopsis and   how things should work or what characters there should be, only to discover that after that the book idea is pretty much dead to me until heaven knows when I pick it up, read it through and… toss it out once more.

One of the reasons I picked up this book, was to test out and try to find (again) a way to get past that little problem and instead of just going with the “write until you die!” (which isn’t bad either, Nano anyone?) to more profound way of actually working through the stories. And not just going through methodological puzzle and toss dice, but really learn how. For right now I am very much short of the how. Or at least I feel again like I am.

*If that guy goes past me one more time with an ice cream, I will squash his head! I want one too!

Ok, that random thought past by, here’s the echo from the past.

When I was going through that exercise, there was one topic that kept rolling up – test of silence. I have tested the basic idea through very different stories and it somewhat works and somewhat does not. It works for I keep writing it in the head of lists all the time. Closely followed by another 4 topics. It does not work, because it isn’t really a whole book. Or at least nothing that could be used as an entire book. Unless it is just a test for Nanowrimo or anything else of that matter or used as base idea for something in genre writing. One of those erotic short stories that you keep shuffling your money out for. Which is not really what I want to do with those ideas. The other big problem with that idea is that it keeps rolling up in my head in medieval setting and I don’t write well about medieval or fantasy settings and I’m not very keen on starting now.

Siraon_by_liis5betHowever, the ideas themselves in that list indeed have some merit and thus I dug out the closest to the original idea I have got. 20 pages of solid gold. Given as this is my only copy of those papers and the idea itself is written, when I was 12 years old, I really do treat it with extra care. I even put a little note in the plastic pocket I transported them in how to contact me in case I lost them. Not that I would let them out of my site as long as they are accompanying me in this treacherous outside world.

I even found the illustrations I did! Now that is something, because I thought they were long lost and gone. After all, they Mirnen_with_Irises_by_liis5betwere from the history stage, where you took the image, scanned it in and then cleaned it in Photoshop pixel by pixel before leaving the pc for the next 3 hours so it can quietly do its work and add special paper effect. The result was like that guy with long hair and strange wrapping sleeve. The one on the right is Mirnen. She was the main character of the story back then and this is what my drawing style was back then. God, it took patience and time! This single picture took me about a week – picel by pixel until your eyes cried from pain. Yeaaaah, those were the times…

*You can indeed recognize a new university student by their completely pink themed outfits! o.O

I don’t remember why I left that particular idea sit. Perhaps because I actually got through writing it from beginning to the end. I must congratulate myself, because the younger me has much sicker way of solving the problematic situation and really knows how relationships can be destroyed with no going back. I shall reuse that idea. I already got green light on it from a friend writer, who thought it to be a solid idea. So now I just need to figure out how to combine the new ethos of the characters and the original idea and screw it all up just as spectacularly. At least now that I am older I do have a new way and new ideas that can be mixed in it, so perhaps a nice not-so-long fantasy romance?

Yeaaah, that sounds a bit right.


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