Musrhoom hunts

As the latin name goes, Lactarius deterrimus, or we know them more as Fir Milk Caps for they are most numerous in fir forests.

We went mushroom hunting last week and then I repeated the hunt again alone yesterday. Just had to get out of the city, out of human population and to one place that asks no questions.

Right now is the time for milk-caps. Although you can still find some bolete, their time is mostly over and around come mushrooms that demand more work, but are perfect for winter preservation and taste fantastic if you give them the time and benefits. Boletes are also good, but oddly I’m not as fond of them as most people seem to be. I prefer milk-caps for their finer taste, more spicier (I would use that word) taste and finer texture. And the fact that you can go around and marinate them, salt them in, fry them, freeze them, sauce them, use them in pies, stuffed pockets – anything basically. Oh, and they are perfect for macaroni dishes.

If the first try ended us getting mostly False saffron milkcap after nearly giving up on the forest, because it has been disastrous the past two years we’ve checked it and few other mushrooms, then this time it was like walking in a mushroom rainbow. I saw green, yellow, red, purple, lilac, whites, brown – you name it, it probably had a derivation there. However, as most of those rainbow mushrooms are also toxic, I left them there and only took picture of few more interesting specimens. Gotta love nature – it loves reminding you what is really beautiful. Plus providing bucket fulls of interesting tasty  addition for the winter.

And to prove, just how gorgeous they are, here’s a pretty picture of the poison and glory of our forest.



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