Being someone with emotions

Reasently I am more and more sensing hoe misunderstood emotional people are. This tolerant world is ahoax in big time. For how else do you respond when people react to your emotions by adressing the issue in hand with suggestions of getting psychological help or start controlling yourself or else youd end up in looney pin.


And by the way if I am fucking angry for you not dropping the issue when I ask you to, then let it go! Not repeat and repeat as if im the crazy one who is so blue eyed she cant understand! Fucking drop it! And don’t go telling the kid that she doesn’t know how to behave just because you got me so angry i refuse to talk to you! Angry as I should be for i am sick and tired how everything in her world relates with food. I do not have gluten lactose intolerance! 
Which is issue of its own – what the hell is with people that they think my word is so meaningless they will go on as if i said nothing. Or do the exact opposite. Well. I guess it really is time to start to search new job. And living quarters. One that would not include anyone from my family. Not fucking one of them.

And yes! I am angry! Not misbehaving, but fucking angry for being shown as lunatic and idiot for reacting differently than ‘rashional’ people. Dear rashional people, I’m sorry, but stop saying things for the good of me. Understand that being emotional person is perfectly fine. I do not need being put back on track or corrected or taught how normal people do things. I am  not normal. I feel alien in normal world. And that tolerance you preach – you have no fucking idea what you are talking about.


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