Turn and turn and turn and swirl!

Someone up there has very very sick sense of humor.

I knew I was to fall out of uni. Last year has not been a blessing in that part and well, I managed to nearly miss all the exams. I just panic and not in a small way. I’ve been fighting this for quite some time, but well, last year screwed up. Anyway, I knew I was about to fall out.

And then yesterday I got a letter from the uni saying I was taken on to the next year…

Is there any faster way to screw up? Or that wouldn’t include family putting their feet down and saying that’s a good thing? I’m not so sure any more that it is a good thing! I had no plans for studying on and thus have not registered anywhere and all this fucked up mess…  So now I’m expected to do the whole work-work-study thing again, except everybody want me to work and say I’ll study during the free time or when I’m in shifts. And that worked so well, when?

However I did get two hours last  night in the middle of all the hell and finished the last halfling chapter of the Dead Child’s Portrait. Given, with this, I have finished the three year odyssey and finished the first manuscript. Announced it also on my FB page. We’ve been talking about it with friends and they’ve been pushing me to finish it for two years in a row and constantly asking about it. And now that I announce that I have finally finished the last chapter, finished the last draft, the first manuscript is done… I get no response. Like, nothing!

Talk about disappointment.

Took the message off.

Off your heads, darlings. I’m now off to a new project. I guess I can upload that one on my homepage too and expect zero readers as usual.


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