Mandatory Beefcake

Or why our male characters have muscles larger than life?

As you can see I started off with a plan to do something productive in writing sense. I did one thing – bought a book diary (like they have in elementary school) with space for 11 books. Because I had this idea that I want to do it again. I am also searching music sheets to test out my patience on re-learning alto recorder. TMNT 2003


That question! Why are so many leading male characters so beefed up? 

TMNT 2013My first question would be – define “beefed”. For example, in general I happen on this misconception that if you say man with muscles you mean that pretty boy on the cover of the romance books. Then there is this research that stated that you can tell by the man’s waist if he is body builder or the muscle is natural result of hard work. Then again there’s the anime muscle definitions.

I guess the only right answer to this is – I write them so, because I like men like that. And even then I can honestly say if the only description you read out of muscles is “the beefcake”, then you really are reading books that try to let you define your own fantasies. Because if I try to describe a man, I will usually define, what sort of muscle body I am looking at. 

You know there is theory that the reason why we’re getting more of lean male characters in the stories is because women hormones are working differently than half a century ago duo pills? That the reason why suddenly those twilight skinniness are so appealing to us is the fact that our hormones don’t react anymore so strongly on strength. 

So why is there still so many beefcakes?

TMNT 2014

I don’t know. Even with those meat mountains it is relative – I might like one character and completely dislike the other based on the description. I wrote about boobs some time ago, for the similar reason. Muscles is descriptive element, just as boobs describe the character you’re trying to present to the readers. How much muscle he has is just as important element in their description as is how much brain muscle they have.

Ha! Take TMNT for example! It has so many stages, I was completely blown by how different they can be! But my example would be  TMNT 2003 series, 2013 series and now what came out, the 2014. I don’t like the 2003 one much, because they are very bodybuilder type of built, yet I dislike the 2013 completely, because they are so slendered up it is comical at best, yet I love the 2014, because the body type they have there is tones in action. Does it make sense? And there are so many beefcakes in old romances, because that’s when there was demand for such manly men while nowadays… there is still need for beefcakes. Only a bit different in body type. 

Oh, and I grew up seeing the mandatory beefcake, so I am brainwashed. 




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