Flutes and totes

I am hunting an alto recorder. Go figure what I have right now with that instrument, but it keeps popping up everywhere for the past half a year, so I decided, after seeing a red one, that I might as well go and get it. Khm, the fact it is red has nothing to do with it, right? Perhaps it wouldn’t if I hadn’t got this “fantastic” illusion that it would look freekilishious with some decorative folk patterns… Plus I’ve come to realization that I actually miss playing it and would like to get back to it again. Now that my fingers are taller and thus I wouldn’t have to pop them out of the knuckles to reach the holes.

Just in time, when sis called that she is now down with the same thing as niece was few days ago. Well – good part is that thing only lasts for few days – high fever and feeling really bad – the bad time is it will probably hit me down as well before I have the last two shifts before week’s worth vacation. And that during the most preciseness demanding time.

Then it’s great that I just got the review back on the story I’m working on (and it was very nicely put positive email with enough criticism to help me work on with it) and I have just sent a story in to try for Forward Motion Writers anthology, plus few chapters for a friend who really wants to know what I’m talking about and what my writing style is – as we’re constantly talking about it.

So yeah. Just the time to be sick for few days with no heartbreak over deadlines.

I went to see TMNT 2014 movie. I know all the criticism this film has received and I can honestly say – I don’t care! I love it! Ok, so I don’t find it to be perfect – Megan Fox was not the best choice, but her fainting was cute 😀 – but it won my heart. Just as the monstrosities of the brothers. I’ve never been that big of a fan for TMNT – I’m the Biker Mice girl – but I really liked them. Odd is, I didn’t feel like they were the next level of the old TMNT stuff that I’ve seen online at all – completely separate standing. Although I do know the storyline is just retelling of the old story.

As I said – I don’t care for it was fun and the heart was won over the moment Raphael smiled in the end. I’m a lost cause of beauty and beast stories.

Oh, given which – guess what I found? Chicago versus New York – :D. Yeaaah, now you see, who is winning in that competition :D.


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