New PC and D&D

I feel like complete nerd right now. In a good way.

My brother got me a new PC! My laptop is from the Windows XP generation and as much as I adore the small, cute monster that eats up my nerves every now and  then, my brother deemed it too dangerous to leave the scribomaniac without her main tool of trade, so he bought me a table top computer for change. Considering that my mobile has taken over most part of the needs I had while travelling, the laptop has been stationary for quite some time now. So he guessed that perhaps I would do better with a pc. The laptop then can go and snug in with the writing books in town, giving me two stations to work from with reasoning that should the laptop decide to follow its own doom, I will be provided for.

I love my little brother!!

Yeaaah, but as I had my last pc when when there was still windows 98 doing its rounds, you can guess if I now needed a whole new computer park full of things? And I don’t know if my printer will actually work with the new pc?

Despite all the fuss suddenly filling up my life, I must confess – it feels good to be back on pc. Although laptops are nice, I guess I still am old fashioned brick, who enjoys large screen, private time and keyboards that are not flat and quiet.

Hihii, talk about old fashioned – as I sent my Dead Child’s Portrate book for a review and we are waiting for the first cooler day, because +38 C in direct sunlight is way too high for north, to pick berries, which means we’ll be very very tired to even think on anything else, I decided to do some fun exercises instead. The book I sent still misses one chapter though, but I’d like to wait out his opinion before I write it in case it would be better to revise half of the book anyway.

So, after 20k writing spree this past 2 weeks, I decided to not to write for the remaining heatwave (hahaa, like that’s gonna happen!) and do a character research for a different story idea. Well, idea was one thing, but the characters kind of screwed that idea up already, but it moved to a different field altogether.

I was dragging through the books I usually use for character building – although I know they say to use your own inspiration, but I like to use different sources to see what they could be if looked at differently. I happened on my Dungeons and dragons 3.5 player’s handbook. As the story is sort of fantasy based (I mean, where else would half-orc fall in?), I dug in. 😀 Wrong move.

You see, back in the days, when D&D 3.5 was sweeping through the world, I got interested in it too. But as always with living in small town, I couldn’t find anyone who to play it with  or differently from them, the summers were spent working and the rest of the time, their time table didn’t suit mine. So long story short – I never got around playing it. However, I did get the Player’s handbook, because in my wildest dreams I still wanted to play it, see the system they have created. For that system – both Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons – Wizards of the Coast are like writer insanity come to life! The way they use story telling in their games, making each game unique and include people’s fantasies and artists  – I don’t care if they say it is all about the money = yes it is, let’s be clear on that – it is fantastic! I use their system as base and fun trifle to add corners to the characters.

Yeaaaah, well, I still have the dice from that time – which I am very fond of – and for the fun I built a character using their guidelines. As if you can stop there – now I’ve downloaded the 5th edition rule set (free on internet 🙂 ) and am again thinking of still getting the 3.5 Dungeon Master Handbook and the Monster Manual, for I have a campaign in my head and… Well. Like always, there is the little money issue, for those books still cost heck of a lot. And now with 5th edition coming out during the last part of this year, I’m thinking if perhaps it would be interesting to change to 5th instead. And then  I’m back to being 3.5 patriot, for their manuals actually come in one book form… And is it is doubtful if I can find folks who’d play with me this time, perhaps I would still want the 3.5 version, for I really really like that one.

Hmm… I think I need a new pentagram too… Since I had new loop made for it, he covered it with some protective oil and lately I’ve noticed it’s like eating it through? I complained about it, he says I’m wearing it too often. I am sorry? I don’t take it off, true – but how can you claim such a thing, when there are small crosses people never take off, even under the shower and he still won’t have problem with that? Well, it means to me I’m searching new pentagram.




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