Hey, Facebook -adieu!

I closed my FB account. Again. It’s second day and looking fine so far, nobody has noticed. Given how little active I was I doubt many will notice at all.

I kept it to talk some friends through the chat there, but the reality is, we can talk through Skype as well and thus…


I don’t have many friends listed on my FB account. I am quite private person and the reality was, when I logged on FB to check my friends activities, I found 20 commercials first, then 2 actions by friends, then about 15 advertisements more. Or activities of bands or movies that just “added something” to show they exist. That’s all very fine that you’re trying to work up a community, but…

I had enough. I deleted most of my “likes!” on communities, music, movies, books, etc so it would all stop. It did. And then, because of friends I have there, what I was mostly left with was religious propaganda! Christian, Muslim, Pagan! And I mean propaganda! I should have taken pictures before I left. Mostly they were articles that showed how bad other religion was or how good their religion was. Or quotes from Bible or commenting on morale.

I guess since my dad publicly basically told me, when he was insulted by the old known fact that I don’t do good on graveyards, not to start with my bullshit, fully aware he was saying this about my entire belief system, I have grown very personally touchy by the constant flow of “my religion is better than yours” kind of propaganda.

So I left.

Why I’m complaining about it here then?

Because last three times I tried to finish off FB – you know, freedom to make my own decisions – I have been coached to get it back.  For friend’s sake. For communication. For god knows what other reasons. It seems that yes, it is my full right to end that account, but that gives my friends full right to treat me as if I’ve committed some high level crime and must be put right.


I’m just tired of it.





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2 responses to “Hey, Facebook -adieu!

  1. We are such social creatures lol

    • LC Aisling

      Social means you have meaningful and less meaningful conversations with others, not face daily suggestions how to change yourself so you fit in their lives.

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