Reading yet another news about a singer, who was popular in 80-s asked to remove something from her songs, because today’s people find it offensive and I can’t but think of when it hits the bottom.

There was an article few years back in local newspaper. About an old lady, who was banned from visiting any library ever again for censorship. She cunningly took white corrector tape and taped over every part in the books she borrowed so the “next reader would not be subjected to the obscenities” she found from the books. She got banned for life. Most comments beneath the story were unanimous on their verdict – who was she to decide what they could and could not read?

Yet I feel like she is winning.


For every now and then rises a row over something that today’s society finds to be more obscene than the previous generations. Or which they can not seem to understand at all. Thus they call it foul and inappropriate and do their best to protect the next generation from this awful history.

Take the n words. Oh yes, there are more than one that has been hidden behind dashes. They have even re-written books of dead writers in order to reduce children’s access to such words without giving second thought about why would you even bother? I mean – it is part of our history. I can understand it being forbidden from common tongue now, but to go such length to take it out from the past?

I can think of few cultures that practiced this – Egyptians for starters. They destroyed the previous history with venom that echoes throughout the history to this day.

Makes me think that I can write indeed whatever I want for nobody really cares what the authors have to say – they’ll just rewrite it or demand you rewrite it if they so choose. Or be banned from life for good. Imagine someone re-writing Markii de Sade or any of those raunchy romances that are so popular right now, because someone in the future feels they are too explicit. I’m sorry to say, but, you know, that’s what they are meant to be – to irritate you, get you out of your comfort zone. To move something in you emotionally. Imagine someone taking up Shakespeare. I can tell you right now, his stories are freaky if you take a closer look at them.

So yes, I do believe that lady is winning. Soon we’ll even have religious text that are neutered for they are too bouncy (Genesis 19:33, anyone?). And that is a sad, sad day for I’ve always liked Bible for the fact that it includes indeed everything. Except snow. It knows nothing of snow.


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