Why I wrote Midas Ears

After weeks of posting the last part of the story Midas Ears on my homepage, I received a strange letter from someone, who signed the letter simply as Gay Activist.  The letter said in general that I should remove the story from my homepage, because it is damaging image of gays by putting them in bad light. I can’t say it came unexpected, considering the topic I was writing on.

I am sorry, but I shall not remove the story from my homepage, for it is not about gay rights, supporting or not supporting gays. If it remained mystically unclear, the story is about one man raping another man. A topic that is far more serious than having sex with consenting grownup by your own free choice.

I do believe that despite a lot of debate, gays are born as gays while there are also those, who get confused and later decide that they are not gays. It is normal to experiment and find out your true self. Thus, I do not believe that having sexual attraction inside your own genre is related only with being born as gay. It is far more complicated than any scientist can anticipate and thus the problems rising from it are far deeper rooted and confusing than humanity gives themselves credit for.

Male sexual victimization is serious matter that often gets lost in the news. I first came in contact with information about this in criminology book as one possibilities of homicide and suicide. It shocked me as it was hard for my mind to grasp the idea that a man could be sexually abused. I fear this topic is hard to grasp for many even today. After coming across related news again and again, I decided to write on this topic.

Male raping male is something that is simply not discussed – stigmatized topic. Most of the cases go unreported and if they even get in the news often the rapists walk free for the law is inadequate to deal with it. It happens just as much in general population as in prison and in wars and although we might seem to accept the prison rape as something “part of their culture of domination”, it is still a serious problem that needs to be addressed, for the victims not receiving proper help do end up eaten alive by their own mind.

Surprisingly, it is very actively used story formula in fanfiction. Often the victim’s life end up either in mercy killing by his torturer (if he “comes around and learns of his mistake” – unrealistic) or through suicide. The fact that most of those stories have such cruesome ending shows that we are still uncomfortable of addressing the victim’s stories – we rather give them merciful end where they are not faced by society’s rejection or. The fact that most of the stories appearing in fanfictions shows that the topic is considered still a taboo topic that can not be discussed in mainstream fiction.

Lately there have also come books in genre fiction in gay romances. As much as I do support the authors for picking up the topic, I would like to point out that this is not something that only happens in gay community and that is what the general populations should come understand.

Why I chose to write on the POV of the rapist rather than the victim’s? I was exploring a relationship gone bad. I began writing it from his POV and it suited for the story. It was no attempt to reduce the rights of the victims. It was to illustrate how not everybody is born to be rapist. Sometimes it is result of concurrency of conditions. Does not mean they are less guilty or that the victim has done something to cause the rape. Provoking another man’s twisted thinking by your unknowing actions is not invitation for rape.  That kind of thinking, as if victim provokes the rape has to stop. If you read it carefully, I hope you can read this out between the lines.

To call me out as if I am misrepresentating gays with this story is serious misunderstanding of the topic. I wanted to show with this story that rape is genre neutral act – it can happen between any partner irrespective of the genre. Every story is different. Every pain is different. They should not be ignored just because one can’t comprehend how it is even possible. Everything is possible. Especially if you’re part of human world.


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