By Oak, Ash and Thorn!

We have a song:  Human life is very boring, fairies have it very gray. Life of witches, now there’s the charm, let’s go fly some broomstick! Life of a witch, life of a witch, yes, that is the best of all! Oh, how good is to be a witch, if you have learned it all!”

Here’s the original in Estonian if you’d like to listen. We, Estonians, adore it. For to be a witch, especially learned, puts the awe in awesomeness!

So, yes, I get irritated sometimes, when I meet folks at my age, who claim to be witches and then do something that is beyond bewilderment! Like having a video how to use oak charms  and then you go from “very nice, yes, that’s lovely” to “this can’t be right page…”
Given how many these days began their Wiccan and Pagan paths with very little knowledge of nature, I couldn’t help but write to the author and explain her: The leaf you use as oak leaf is actually hawthorn leaf. Her response was: “No no no, that is oak leaf! See? The seller told me it’s read oak!” and my astonishment grew.

Why on earth would you believe what the seller is selling without double checking it? Although there are many good sellers, whose herbal knowledge is widely known and receive my full respect, I am paranoid enough to still question! It’s not the seller, who needs this to work! As spellworker, YOU are the one, who has to make sure you have the right set of tools! As a herbalist – that would be punishable act to use herb without checking if it is the correct thing! THINK!

Here, my dears, is a lovely link to any sort of oak tree you can think of that you can check out yourself.  Red oak is the leaf left on below. However -> that picture on my right is hawthorn leaf. I do believe that list is missing few, like kermes oak, but what I want to say – there is a difference! Even the size should be dead giveaway and the texture of the leaf! Oak is leathery – hawthorn is small and tender. Oak you pick from a tree that has thick bark  – the other one IS A BUSH!

So, I’m up to picking arms and ready to go against ignorance! You can not be ignorant or hide behind someone else, when you do magic! You want your spells to work? Use the right stuff!

There are many books that help you go through the first year of your witchy life. I am yet to see one that goes together with “Wildlife ABC”, but the more and more I happen on such “educational videos”, who have problems even identification of the plant, I am seriously considering to give you all a short list of “MUST HAVE BOOKS” if you are on your journey.

To be a witch means you have to know what you are doing! Just reading from books and following instructions is not enough! You got to get out, touch the plants, compare them and love them and feel the energies! It is one thing to follow authorities, but you shouldn’t be afraid to question them! They are teachers, but you have been to school yourself – how much did you learn, when you were doing it just because the teacher told you to do it? Step out of their shadow and dig up your curiosity – learn from them and add to it! Question it, check it out yourself and understand, why it didn’t resonate with you.

I think I’ll do that witchy learny list right now, when I still have few minutes.


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