Old card wishing Happy Summer holiday, or Pentecost by Christian calendar.

We had suvistepüha. Although not really celebrated in general, for native Estonian religion, it is a marker of end for the sowing period and start of the summer works like making hey. We cleaned up our entire household for this just last Friday and then went home to relax, do as minimal work as possible and then to go in sauna! Madli finally came to terms with niece and instead of just growling, she discovered that it is rather fun to share her rubber balls with her and run for hours with no end. Even sis was impressed when she did listen what she was told and she decided to ignore her from behind my back. Safest place to hide, right? Only when she was behind my back, she still growled if either niece or sister got too close to her. Yeah, sharing me isn’t her expertise and probably never will be.



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