The I-story

I guess you could call it a vacation from writing. Actually I don’t know why my blogs were down for few weeks but I was busy with life, so it didn’t bother me much.

I came to realization that I am addicted to coffee. I am trying to drink it less, because with the current heat I’m loosing enough water anyway to lost more because of coffee. Even now I’m sitting with cup of mineral water next to me, because I feel lightheaded. Odd is I didn’t drink more than a cup a day even before. Neither when I was in night shifts.

I also figured out few endings for the Nano story, which came to a sudden stop after I finished the required number of words. I hate when they do that! But I really had no clue. Then, while listening Lovecraft audio books while working together with brother – during a thunder storm! – it suddenly dawned on me what it could be. So, on with the epoch.

I also picked up the second Nano story from 2012, the manuscript part A. Part B is still neatly put away and trying to figure out where that one should go. I really want to finish something now. Have to figure out which one. 😀 I still have “the Story”, too.

Took one day off from everybody. At first went for a walk – a long one. In the end, when I tried to figure out how far I walked I counted nearly 20 km-s. That is quite a lot for me. I thought I’d survive perhaps 10, but I was glad to realize on the next day that my feet were not killing me for this abhorrent walk. Actually, it was very pretty and calming. Also so hot that I got sunburn. Gotta love sunburns.

I finally got the fishing rods ready. Haven’t taken them out for a walk yet, but I’m planning to.

Got some nice pictures too :). This is one of the statues that are on the Jänese hiking track. I’m not sure if it is official track anymore, considering it was such a bad state, when I went there. I like walking there because of the statues. They give the feeling of old times, when it was possible to walk on the edges of villages and you could come across the protectors of the realms. Just like that.



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