Past lives

I have very distinctive taste in music. I may carry lists of music with me, but when it comes to preferences, I more often end up on something of Scottish or medieval.

One time, when I was at it again, mom asked me what I knew of past lives. Well, we have all done the numerology test in our family and come to the “fun” conclusion that because sis and I are born on the same day, then we both were goat herders in Siberia in 14th century. The “fun” part about it is that if you approach it scientifically, I can’t really recall goats in Siberia… She asked me out of the blue if I had ever thought why I keep ending up on Scottish music and viking lives. Why I liked them so much?

I said out of the blue that I feel like I’m home when I listen to Scottish music and think about 9th-10th century early vikings. I really do (now say it with Bofur’s voice). I’m always torn between loving vikings and Scots and thus mom burst out “Probably that’s where you hair color comes from, too!”

As funny as it seemed, it made me think of why I feel so home with them? Music apart, I like them. Not just the decorations, but their way of life, their humor. Their life is far from easy, but oddly I’m not scared of winters nor harsh winds and I do dislike too much Sun while mists or thunderstorms make me giggle like little girl. Funny as it sounds, probably that would be my second home if I could afford it. 🙂

Because, let’s be honest – who wouldn’t like to wake up to something like this?

Loch Torridon, Scotland



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