Experience gap

I watched a video few days ago. It was actually talking about how to deal with widowhood. It was a personal account on how she “dealt” with it and explained some of the emotional aspects. The story itself is personal, but I found it very inspiring and, how to… it was clearing.

There was one thing she said that hit to the core. She said that she doesn’t feel trustworthy towards people in her age and feels more home with those, who are over 45. That because of her experience. She described it as gap of life experience. I’ve been thinking about it since.

I’ve been told often that I seem older than I am. Not because of how I look, but when they talk to me they are talking like someone, who is much older. It seemed a bit insulting to me, because who wouldn’t want to feel younger and of age?

The way she said it, it kind of explained it to me. Most of them are clueless. Yeah. That’s how I would express it. Clueless. It would be harsh to say heartless, so I’m saying clueless.




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