Camping trip

Only 5 minutes before leaving work I didn’t even think about skipping sleep and joining sis, niece and our friend on a camping trip. I hadn’t even an inkling I would do that. I really was tired.


Niece had forgotten her gloves with me the last time we saw and I decided I’ll take them to her before the trip, because it wasn’t promising very good weather. I was on my way over the bridge, when I eyed the Open Market and it suddenly dawned on me that if I got a scarf from there then I could pretty easily run through the small shop next to it, get some candy, some cheese sticks and some water, energy drink and I could just go with them.

Thought, done! And suddenly there I was choosing some scarf and running to get the water and some food before landing on the bus. When I had just entered the shop, sis called and said I was busted! She saw me go in and  thus knew immediately what I was up to. So we did the quick trip together. Got some snacks like caramel corn balls and cheese sticks, some candy, bananas and smoothies before also tossing in few plastic rain coats and patches just in case.

Our friend joined us in bus station and presented niece a spider man action figure which sent her dancing. And then off we went. 20 minutes on the bus and then 3 and a half kilometers walking on Ilmatsalu bird track. Which went much slower thanks to photographing and joking and running and playing and eating breakfast we all had missed somehow. It was slightly raining though so by the time we reached the watchtower we did start to feel slightly cold.

So, what do you do, when cold? You make a fire.

“You have some matches?”

No, but I do have a lighter! We gathered sticks and birch bark and by the time we reached the camping site, we had enough to start a quick fire and then we spent the next five minutes just warming ourselves up. Then gathering some more firewood. Besides the lighter my Mary Poppins bag also contained a lot more and soon we also got nourishment by trying baking anything we had bought on the fire, which we didn’t plan setting up in the first place. Got the sticks from black currant bushes that was growing near by. Marmalade candy, by the way, tastes sinfully good if it has got some bonfire treatment and rain is drizzling around you. Also bananas and baked cheese. Friend will have Ramadan starting the next day, so best timing for that :D.

As it was bird watching trail, we did do that. We saw white heron! When I told about it at home, dad thought I was making it up. I understand, they haven’t been around this area for long. It was far bigger than I expected and I even got it on the picture! Yeaaah, that is if you can imagine the six white pixels to be a real bird… But others saw it too, so I wasn’t imagining it. We also saw eagles and other cuties. Including American mink, which was a total surprise.

The walk back was nothing like a walk. We were like nuts, running most of the time thanks to niece utmost desire to play and as we were all starting to feel the heaviness of the rain, we went with that. Yet not once did I saw any of us get down or moody because of the weather.

Even in the bus station we got lucky. Because we didn’t know exactly, when the bus was coming again, we just funned around, but I don’t think we even sat around five minutes before it arrived and we got to sit another 15 minutes for the last part of the trip.

Because we were all feeling hunger now, we went straight to Ränduri Pub and got some pancakes. Not that niece was really into food if you can spend the time instead playing in the playing corner. Her father called us while we were there and said he got another surprise for her. So the day went on with his visit too and a adorably orange new bike for niece! You can imagine her reaction to that.

Soon after that I discovered I still had enough time to catch the bus to country side, even though I was still soaked and everything I owned as well and I did it. Went straight home too, got off, helped brother to finish up work there, played with Madli as I promised and then zoned out.  Didn’t eat cake nor cleaned the house nor had any traditional celebrations, but…

That day was just what I needed! Even with no sleep, raining throughout the day and being soaked and all. Awesomeness has no measurement! Our next trip – fishing! Haven’t done it since I was 8, haven’t got any equipment yet, but others haven’t done it either and if this is what my camping pals are like, then all we need is a good destination and our Mary Poppins bags!



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