Campfire Nano 2014

With blog posts covering almost every day throughout this pretty month, I haven’t really said much of what else is going on.

That is about to be changed.

Last night was Walpurgisnacht. I didn’t go partying with the rest of the world as I was working, however the 1st of May we shall have cake and I’ll deal with a lot of prosperity stuff, so it still will be a proper party.

What has changed through April this year is mostly related with diet. Because I live now with sis and niece I have tried to follow their diet as well. Especially after I was told that my blood sugar is still very high. It has demanded some inventing and coming by terms with the fact that sis really puts pots in the freezer or few other things.  However we now have found some basic stuff that do work and that has eased our lives a bit.

It does have one seriously odd side problem. I have lost 14 kilos. And I’m not sure that is really positive, because it happened in 3 weeks. Well, losing weight in my weight should be only cheered, but the strange part is I don’t look as if I’d lost that much and secondly it should be a kilo-two in a week, not like that. I can’t say my diet has changed that drastically to bring such results nor have I taken up any programs or sports. So I guess seeing a doctor is my next move.

A hedgehog! I saw right now a hedgehog!


Ok, back to business. Updates.

Counted the words through articles and Campnano 2014 and blog challenge and stories – I have written together 82 456 words. Give or take few. That is far more than I have written throughout last year! So I am very happy about that.

I did Camp Nano 2014. No, I’m not kidding. I chose the challenge to be 30 000 words this April, because of all the other stuff going on at the same time and I finished it! I still can’t believe I did it, because only few days ago I was convinced that there would be no way I will get to the finish line – had 17k written and then got stuck. And then I suddenly came to work and wrote 12k + in less than 3 hours! And not the way like repeating same word all over either. So I am very very pleased and happy :).

This month’s Nano story was about merfolk. Still is as I didn’t get to the end of it yet. It is about a merman, who has to retrieve a spear from land to save his family’s honor. On the way he encounters a mermaid, whose life is on land and whose family ran from the sea for better future for their children. Only he hates humans for what they have cost his family and to sea while she dreads returning to the sea based on her own memories. Sparks fly! 😀

At the same time I have also stories still being published on my writing blog so I do wave and call you pay a visit there too and check out the stories. Already tomorrow begins the weekly publishing of a novella I worked on last year and few other stories as well. The Estonian story, Kohvipood, is for now on a waiting list until I get the time to continue writing it.

So yes, it has been busy, weird and strange, but very productive as well. And now my fingers are actually painful. o.O Perhaps a free evening for tonight in writing sense. Enjoy the fires, people! I feel like a while new person!

Supilinna päevad 2014


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