A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Zoology

By this I do not mean bestiality of the cryptozoology, but real animals that rumble around us on the fields and in our own household. There are many fairy tales and old wives tales about plants that if you eat them you can speak the language of animals or understand the birds. Many today’s magical almanacs have sections dedicated to household pets to keep them safe while they roam the surroundings.

I speak to animals. I don’t do it, because I am a nutcase or claim that animals understand me 100 percent. I do it, because it is a way to teach your animals to understand you better. All the animals, including human, have the ability to learn to understand languages they don’t really speak. It’s how the baby learns to understand you and how children can talk to each other on playgrounds while never actually speaking the same language. The same way if you take a cat or a dog, you can train them to be more observant to what you want and teach them to understand some of the common words related to them. So instead of giving your animal a specific order you can speak normally like with anyone else in the household and they obey, because they recognize the words in what you say. Seems weird? Not really. My experience shows that by the age of 7 they are far more intelligent in communication to humans than those, who grow up having their only communication through barked orders. I know it still sounds nutty to no-animal people, but well, you first need to get an animal.

It is important to any witch out there to learn how to behave with animals. When it comes to communicating with them in any level, I want people to be reasonable and understand one thing – you don’t have “talent”, when it comes to dealing with animals! You learn over time by observing their signals to understand their behaviorism and understand the sounds they use! That is the only talent you will ever have! People, who usually have “talent” end up with lost fingers and suing the owners, because their dogs bite and are bitter bitches, who need to be put in their place. I have met enough “talented” animal lovers to take out the magic of it and tell you the common sense warning – the only ones, who have “talent” are calm, observant and read the animal and listen to their owners.

Yes, that’s where I wanted to reach. The animal tongues? The bird tongue? It is listening and learning through observing and experience. I don’t speak “bird”, but I know the sounds in my local surroundings to understand through open window if a stranger walks in the garden, because I can hear the difference in their usual chit-chat. If you observe your dog over time, you learn to understand when they are irritated, when they want to be patted, when they are sick, when they feel like killing you on spot, when they are in danger or when they are just playing around. And no, the smiling dog pictures are not always the “happy doggy” that photographers try to play off. Half of those pictures are warning you to back off or face the consequences.  All the animal videos, where you can count “three- two- one…” before the animal attacks have been earned. Yes, it is harshly put, but the sort of excuse “I don’t have to know how to handle common animals in my surroundings” is excuses you should not have.

How does it go with spell work? Often we medicate our animals at home ourselves because of different reasons. Because they can’t tell us, what is wrong with them, I think it vital that we learn their “language” to understand them the best way we can. To understand the signals is to understand your pet and provide them with best care you possibly can. Of course the most sane decision is to take your animal to see the vet. But you don’t always run there with small scratch or rash on their tale. That’s where your zoology comes to play. The better you understand the anatomy and the way animals function, the better are your chances of keeping them alive and happy.

Spell craft isn’t only knowing the hocus-pocus of magical world. To be a witch is to be insane scientist, who knows a bit of everything and is willing to learn the half they are missing. It means knowing how to run a household, how to care for the animals and people. It means keeping the magical world balanced with the daily life. It is combination of scientific knowledge of herbs for home medicines and trust that if you also ask guidance and protection from the deities that together the two make a good combination for healing. It isn’t blind belief system, but knowledge backed up both by faith and science. And that, my dears, is what I believe to be the center of spell crafts – knowledge of your surroundings, both the visible and what you don’t see.





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  1. That’s a pretty good explanation of your zoology!

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