A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Water

Water being the ruler of emotions, I love water, especially in one form – Emajõgi. It is our local river that crosses my path each time I go to work or go home. It is rather large river, so walking over it takes some time. I like it, because it helps to deal with the work stress – it washes the emotions away, leaving just memories and I think it helps in great deal with not taking stress home with you and vice versa. Perhaps the simplest way to use water in your magic, but it works for me. A stress reliever.

Another way I’ve used it for is to write down what bothers me on a piece of paper, filling a glass jar with warm water and a bit salt, toss the piece of paper in it, close the lid and swirl it around until the problem gets solved in the water literally together with the salt. Then I take it out and toss the water outside the premises of our house. You’ll feel a lot different when waking up next morning.

Because water is the ruler of the emotions, I’ve used it to draw love in. Not anyone specific, but just the feeling, that someone, who would give me that feeling. I know it sounds egoistic, and it is, but love is as essential to your well-being as breathing and you can ask for it at least. Estonia has strong tradition with offering silver coin for springs, so the simplest way I’ve used is to write the wish on the coin with needle, add your mark, carry it with you while you warm it in your hand and concentrate on the wish for few days and then toss it in the river. I like that nifty trick, because it worked for me on several occasions.

One ought to be careful with the wishes though! As I’ve understood the chemistry behind it so far, it is a bit tricky spell. Because the coin doesn’t float away with your wish, but the wish “washes” away from it over time, the complete impact of the spell really depends on the water flow that passes the coin. That means any storm will make the flow harsher and quicker and swirled up and calm days for a week means you might get minimum result or you don’t feel it so strong. So you really need to go with the flow. I’ve also noticed that with wishing coins like such, the effect wears off over time. So to use it for something somewhat more permanent – I don’t think it would have the effect you are hoping for.

There are so many ways people use water itself in spell work. I seriously like the “fishing for your future” as they did it in the White Queen series, but I’ll see if I will ever try it out. I do love it. I know guys, who collect different types of waters for different spells, like water from holy springs for healing (flowing from north to south), thunder rain water for fertility rites, calm spring water for different kind of spells, morning dew water for refreshing, snow water and so on. I like the dew water and thunder water the best. Thunder, because that is the ultimate showcase of mixed up energies of the elements and thus if I can I do like to collect that water for keep. The other is to collect the holy spring waters sometimes. But otherwise, I’m not so keen on keeping some water for 3 years bottled up for spells like that. I need water, I go and collect it. So you want to do thunder water spell in the middle of the winter? How about you just use the snow water instead as it is closer to the energies given in the moment of time?

Water is one of those elements, which I do believe can lose some of its ability if you keep it bottled up. It goes stale, if that would be the closest way I could put it. So instead having eight different bottles with specialty waters standing in the cupboard, I do prefer having a lovely bottle to fill it fresh and use it fresh. Might not give me ability to use the thunder water spells in the middle of the winter, but it does provide that I have fresh water in the game.

The other thing often used in magic, is to cleanse the water you use in magic by putting some salt in it. I go both ways with that. If I take water from the tap, yes, I put some salt in it and cleanse it energetically. On the other hand, if I have a specially collected water with specific energies, then the worst thing you can do is to kill those energies by adding salt.

With water, you really need to feel your work. Like let it flow over your hand and sense it. To some people, water does not work, because the energies it carries can be rather hectic at times. To me it is close to heart and I’ll keep working with it.

This is Emajõgi and the view I get when I go home from work. If that is not the best placebo pill, I don’t know what is.




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