A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Vesta

I like her, because of what she represents – being the goddess of hearth and protector of the heart of a home and symbolizing unity and bound between people. There aren’t many legends about her, but it is common that mild personality hardly ever stirs the water enough to get in stories. At the same time she is one of the most important stones in the mountain of belief systems being the first to be offered sacrifice when doing religious ceremonies. I find her very captivating because of the simplicity of her altar and that she relates greatly to the fire cult, which is the base of human history and belief.

I have very personal relationship with this goddess. She was one of the first, whom I felt so home to introduce her to my practice and make personal connection with. I am very home oriented and the fact that she is the closest to house gods that I first learned about, I decided to try out with her first. I highly recommend her.

She isn’t indeed the most “impressive” in her attire and sessions with her might not feel invigorating like calling up for Zeus, but if you have any problems with home I would recommend asking her help, be that in relationships, keeping the bread on table and knowledge how to balance your food on small budget, protect the household against some round-going disease… Anything related with the household is hers to command and I still have the figurine dedicated to her sit on my window with different eggs in her small basket and protect the house. If I would have to describe her being part of my household, it would be peace. Mostly, because you don’t overreact.

As you read from the stories, she decided to be a virgin. Well, nothing new here, right? Homeric hymn said so: “Queenly maid…among all mortal men she is chief of the goddesses.” Who else is the supreme mother, virgin and protector of the family and home and sacred among all men? In a way, they have a lot in common with Virgin Mary. Facts go against the logic here, but I just love the idea of her being the original inspiration for virgin Mary, as if something of the old world has survived in such beautiful way.



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