A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Ukuvakk

Ukuvakk is a small container made out of natural wooden materials, which sits in the Northeast corner of the house and is used to give offerings to Uku, head god or god of thunder, harvest and fertility in Finnish culture realm.

Each house would have something similar, sitting in the corner of the house. They would give offerings to the god by placing the best part of their meal on the cover, which they removed after awhile. It didn’t have to be much, but you always offered something good.

In it was also kept a candle that was dedicated to the god, to Uku in this case. On Uku holiday you would take it out and burn it. It was also taken out and burned on special occasions before midday. Spirit dolls that were made of the ones, who died were kept in it and new additions to the family were introduced to it. Because it was often held in the kitchen, youth would act their very best in front of it in hopes of Uku helping them to find the best match in marriage.

Although it is one of the things I do not have, because I do not have my own house yet and at the moment I can’t have it, so I have a small bowl instead, it is one of those things that has pulled me towards itself since I first saw it. I find something very intimate to have such deep connection with your God through a box like that. In modern times you burn candles to them on the altar, so why not have something like that re-introduced to the tradition?

As with everything that is part of circular time-keeping – it is part of rituals that go throughout the year. So to view it as something like just a nice trinket to use for one purpose would be wrong. As much as I’ve researched it, it has to be taken seriously and as part of your daily life. It has rules, it has purpose and it is connection.



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