A to Z Challenge – Spell Crafts – Thursdays

You hear the day is Thursday and in your head begins listing of all the “traditional” associations with that day Jupiter, Zeus, Thor, power magic, material gain…

To me it firsthand goes with the working craft.  Thursdays are devoted to Taara in the native Estonian belief and I am all hands supportive to that. It is the day, when, if possible, I would go to holy grooves. The “old tales” speak that it was the evening, when they held dance nights and when you got together to simply enjoy life and have fun. Makes sense to me. Out of the all the days of the week, I prefer it to everything else.

Around here it is general belief that Thursdays are particularly magical. All sorts of spells were cast on that day and there are many folk beliefs which include Thursday as the day you healed and sent the sicknesses to others. Or kept your eye out for different mythological creatures. Or had to make sure you took bread with you to the forest or it was higher risk fairies would lead you away. It was the day you used for summoning luck for milk and luck for grain. If you wanted your hair to look good, you chose Thursday of Waxing Moon if you wanted your hair to be healthy and strong.

It was the lucky day and still is. Well, if it has been especially nasty week and you know you only have to put up with it just one more day – your mood does get better. Mostly what was preferred for this day were works where you put things in soil, let cattle out, sacrificed and healed. Things that were less advised followed rather simple rule – anything that turned around – knitting, spinning, wool work, grinding wheat. Anything of the sort or it would bring you trouble with your sheep. Also works that were noisy for this day was, after all, dedicated to thunder god. He’d make a racket of his own.

We do have something of a mystery in a calendars here. I know others search special calendars to find out the times, but here, the last Thursday of the Moon phase are pointed out in the daily calendars. It is believed (and I’m so glad not to use the past tense here!) that if you took up poisoning weeds and bugs on this day then it will work. Or if you were sick – if you did the ritual particularly on that day, the sickness would go easier or disappear faster.

Also, what my mother loved to say constantly – if you do big cleanings on this day, that dust will never return. If you are a mere child and there is any chance you do not have to take up cleaning again, believe me, you’ll give in and do that big cleaning on that day. Yes, the new dust would come, but to believe you conquered THAT it is so worth doing it on that day.

So – big cleaning in daylight, no round works, rituals for healing and offerings to the gods and a celebration in the evening. Indeed a good day.

God of Thunder, “Inen” seal, Edo period, 17th century



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