A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Racket

With witchcraft, there is always this “problem” – noise. We hum, we dance, we jump, we play music, we sing, we use soundy instruments… Sounds familiar? Well, I live in a quiet part of town and besides the rock club next door (which is very adorable actually as I get all the free music from the open window), so making noise after night time is not encouraged. Doesn’t mean there isn’t any racket, but with the amount we do during the day, it is rather nice if it doesn’t go on past the dawn.

I do have a small drum, which I got from a shop years ago, but ended up not using much, because after a while it began sounding like plastic cup and I’m very touchy about sounds. That means my hearing is very well developed in musical sense and I hear things most people don’t even notice. I like using drum music to tune the heart. I don’t think it literally tunes on the drum, but it is one of the most perfect ways I know to tune yourself and as folks around me know, I can listen some of the rhythmical pumping for hours.

Finding myself a new good drum is in to-do list, but it has one tiny problem – I know the sound I want it to make and I’m no expert on making instruments. You know bodhran? Oh yeaaah. But sister would kill me if I bring one in the household right now. Probably I would soon too. So it has to wait for a while.

However I do have bells to clean the place up. I think it was my grandma, who told me once that playing bells in the room cleans it energetically. Well, she didn’t use the word energetically, but basically that’s what she meant. I don’t always do it in the process of the ceremonies, although it has become part of the preparations when cleaning the place for it. Sometimes I just give niece my bell and let her go around the place like maniac. Seems to do the trick – she is manically happy and the place is cleansed. I do love wind chimes for the same reason. But not the ones that go light and high, but low and cluckedy-cluck.

When you suspect you have spirits, one way to check this out and clear them from the room is to hang up lighter bells. Though I do say this isn’t for faint heart – you never expect them to ring and when it suddenly does and you know there isn’t anyone up there, it is scary.

Often that is enough. I don’t mind doing a lot of noise in big groups, but if you have a quiet life and you cherish it, one doesn’t need to go nuts about it. Silence is equally important and why make all the racket if sometimes the best noise you get comes in from outside? Spring time, you know, birds and the bees.


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