A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Pendants

Oh they are glorious things! Imagine every bottle glinting with one of them hanging around it, every curtain carrying a small pentagram and doors make the clacking sound each time somebody opens them! You can have the bangles around your neck, your feet, your hands, your fingers…

I only have two. Yes, I have tons of charms that have made their way to me through out the years, but I have only them two that I prefer to keep around – one to represent to me the power of femininity and one that represents me the power of masculinity – my pentagram and my sun cross.

In general I can’t wear crosses. No matter how many I have got, I don’t tolerate them on my body for long. Yet put a circle around it and change the purpose and the reasons it was made and I have no problem to wear. Still – usual crosses are out.  The second one is my pentagram, which felt homey the moment I received it.

Sun cross and pentagram are the opposite energies for me. Not that they really are different, but it’s just representation. The way I use it is that when I feel I need to control my emotions more, I tend to get out my pentagram. If I need to use my head to solve problems or need to stand up against something, I prefer to have my male energy set on my chest. There’s no real pattern for it. They are just there to give me support and balance and provide me with a wall others can bounce on.

However, I do like pendants and if given the opportunity I’d probably have the entire house riddled with them. They don’t have to be big and ominous to have an effect. A simple hot spot cooler does the trick. Like twigs turned into sun cross or metallic pentagram. Or an offering to the river spirits.



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