A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Oils

What do witches do? Brew their heart’s delight!

I guess herbalists all see it this way – what’s the big deal? And indeed, there really isn’t any. Well, if you’re more dedicated you know which oil goes best with which herb (because they don’t always give out the ingredients if you use oil that doesn’t work so well with them), but otherwise it’s just tossing dried or fresh herbs in the oils and have fun.

It does make it easier though if you do have the confidence that you can make them yourself instead of buying them from shops. I know the essential oils are not something everybody are capable of making at home. Agreed. But do you really need them? I mean, homeopathy looks cool as listed in your skills, but if you think back on your grandma’s skills – what did they use?

I already mentioned with candles that you don’t need some fancy scented oil to enchant your candle.

Basil_oil_by_astritn6My goal right now is to build up myself a collection of herbal oils that I can use both in healing work and magic. Like if I need calendula oil, instead of the fancy essential oil (although, guys, it smells fantastic!), I can use the infused one that’s been inhaling the real herb for the past two months, ’cause that one is a wonder of its own too. Plus I can make ointments and add it to food if I so please. To me it just goes back to the base that your body tunes best on the things you have around you.

Yes, making that stuff is time consuming and needs more thinking than ordering from online. Looking at the root work oils I must say I do feel envy glowing, but then again I’d rather know how to make them than be dependent on their stocks . Although those small bottles indeed are nice…




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