A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Numbers


Actually no. Although I’m sure everything does follow patterns that can be explained through mathematical equations and have the most sickest fascination in systematic repetitions in nature and the Sacred Geometry (that thing is wicked!), it is not really about math.

Sometimes we look around us and see numbers. In divination, numbers have meanings and repetition can also relate to certain things. How many pieces of stone you use for chemical mix is important on valuating the strength or meaning your potion has, etc, etc.

Yet, as my brother would nicely put it, if you begin the argument of what each number means – they can all be explained through O-s and 1-s, so take your pick which one you like? The one that stabs or the one that engulfs? The irony aside, and bad adult joke, that actually does explain it all…

Numbers are as important as are the meanings we give them, so the importance of what your potion all comes from yourself.

I’m for example person, who does not believe in Friday the 13th. Mostly because I rather follow pattern of time and circle of the year than linear timing, which keeps being corrected every four years by a day. And if we now think that our latest time laps was just a hundred years back, since when even the local church calendars don’t mach up, you do begin to think of this all a bit of a foolish play necessary for  daily social and taxes, but not much else…

However, I do like the symbols of numerology. There are numbers that play role in my life and I do welcome them – 5 and 6 are my constant companions. Why? I can explain you worlds with those two :).

Here’s a bit homework for you. I promise, it is worth seeing.


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