A to Z Challenge – Spell Crafts – Mugwort

I’ve been in love of this herb since I first saw Practical Magic. I searched out exactly what they do with it and found that all they do is mix it up with honey and put it on the bruise. Though I hope never to have to be in such situation, but, I think it’s good to know.

It’s an interesting plant for, if you observe its ways, you notice that this plant always goes together with people. You can find it near everywhere, where human foot lands, but you hardly ever see related with animal habitats. It’s like one of those pets you don’t think about, but follow human existence.  Care should be taken if you try to grow it though – that thing is weed for a reason!

It used to be a herb that was used to season meat, though I don’t think they do much of it anymore. Its local name used to be orjavitsarohi, or medicine for slave hoop, because it was used to salve the bleeding wounds you received through beating in the manor house.  By the other suggestion the name comes from the stiffness of the herb, because it is so rough to pull out and the redness closer to the top reminds of clotted blood. It wasn’t really turned into salve, you just took fresh herb, crushed it and placed it on the wound or infused it in hot water to create a sort of wash to wash your wounds so they wouldn’t go off.

One use you don’t find from the books was that in the old farms, they used to bring it inside, wait until all the flies landed on it – because they seem to indeed like that scent – toss them all in the bag with the plant and burn it all. It’s women’s herb. Caution should be taken though if you want to make tea out of it – research! I know it is used to eliminate pinworms from your system and anything that can do that is toxic at some level.

I like tossing it on fire sometimes – read from somewhere that it ought to keep it smoldering longer. Mm, I’m not sure yet. Needs more testing.

As you can see it is a nifty little thing that is good to have around the house, although, if you think of it, there really isn’t anything very magical in its uses. Tons of books have informed me that it is suppose to be feminine plant related with Taurus and moon and earth. Perhaps it’s why it draws me in so much? Earth Taurus after all.

One thing I do know – if you don’t want people with bad energies to come in your house, make a wreath out of mugwort or small dry bundle and place it by your front door. Few years back I did have problems with someone, given that the guy kept edging me up all the time so when I got home I was often in bad mood. Oddly the trick helped. Be it psychological or not – if it helps, I gladly take it in the game.



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