A to Z Challenge – Spell Crafts – Juju dolls

Brigid dollJuju dolls, voodoo dolls, hoodoo dolls, poppets, mupets – good ones have many names. The one on the left is whom I made. I have thing with beads, so…

Adorable little things, really. I’m sure I don’t have to give you 1-on-1 what all you can do with one, because that would take a lot of space and a book of its own, but some things  I’ve used them for are – as you see the Bridget doll next here – for spirit dolls, worry dolls, simple hoodoo stuff.

I like mostly doing small ones with wool, keeping in mind the simple correspondences of the colors. Oddly, when in candles it doesn’t mean that much to me to get it right, then when I’m working with dolls and wool, I do prefer to have the right color for the job.

I can’t say I like to use them everywhere and always. The thing with dolls is that – as far as I’m concerned – they must be made by yourself. You can’t go an buy them, although I have seen some cute alternatives. With making a doll, you combine your energy with the thing you’re making it for. Thus it is something that does take your energy even if you are inside the circle. And because you are part of that doll from now on for a very long time, you need proper ways to restore them.

I wouldn’t go telling – oh, hey, go on and do it, it’s that simple! I would rather call up for caution. After all the doll is as much part of you as it is of the creature you use it for. I can fill it with herbs and stones to power it up, but it’s my energy that makes it do its trick and I don’t take wasting my energies so easily. Neither should you.


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