A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Intimacy

At first glance it might not look like a tool, but if you’re in the craft, knowing when it is just you and deity is probably the most important thing you’ll learn, when to shut up, when to trust them and when to keep between you two.

In many main religion parishes you have a teacher and you relate to God through them.  In crafts you are related directly to the deity. There is often talk like the folks in the main religions are more moral, because they have the religious aspect in their life and they try to live up to the expectations of God and their parishes. If you decide to take up the pagan religions, it is different, but not so much.
In paganism, the relationship is between you and the deity. There is nobody else in between to answer to, no community to ease the impact. This means you follow the rules. The unspoken ones, the spoken ones, the ones that are written down.

You do not get drunk, because it is disgraceful, even if you work with Dionysus or Norse Gods. I’d like you try face your deity after such disgraceful actions. Being disgraceful to yourself and your fellow men is the mirror of your respect to your deities.

No spell can be undone. This means you think things through before you do it. You research, you understand both side of the coin and also know what’s on the third side. You can give a bit different course to things, but in reality there is no undoing. Fortunately or unfortunately this means you have to deal with consequences. So unless you really want to clean up your mess – and deities are “cruel” enough to make you clean up your own mess – then don’t do it.

Promises are for keeping. And no, that is not some honor code from time of knights. It is the most profound base of trust between you and your deities. You promise them mead – you give them mead. You promise you do something, you go and do it.  Contracts are to be followed. You’re only as good as your word. Sounds harsh? Well, tough break – that’s the deal.

You are dealing with things you don’t understand completely. Ever. So relax and roll with the flow. Sometimes you need to trust them and accept your faith. Have fun and enjoy your relationship. Be good to them and they are good to you.

I’m no perfect example of how to deal with deities. My relationship has highs and lows, but there is one thing I am sure of – they are with me. Nobody else in between, just them and me. Which means I do follow the rules and know that I deal with them directly and know that my “punishment” does not come in afterlife. It comes now and painfully and I promise you don’t want to piss them off.



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