A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Honey

I like hoodoo and folk magic. Not always because they are so oh how mysterious, but because it is that psychological part of life that helps you deal with problems in real life or heal faster. Put together with traditional medication and you get one sparky mix.  I use a lot of natural cures in my life. Not every cold needs antibiotics and not every cut demands stitches. Thus doing salves and teas and mixes is sort of daily life. Naturally it moves in the crafty side as well.

Like every witch, I have my favorites and ideas of how to replace what I don’t have. All the fat spell books are nice, but if you don’t have that root from Italy then you just don’t have that root from Italy and you need something else to replace it with. Witching is local thing. If you look at any good witch, you notice that most of them get by with what they have around them. It’s not about “support your local things”, it’s just if you’re born into certain environment, then your body tunes to it the best. Well, at least that’s how I see it.

Around here one of the most important things you can have is honey. Anything from bees is wonderful – mix it in the right proportions and you can cure the sick and light the world.

In practical magic I love the honey spells. I can’t say if there is any local custom besides offering it to deities, but I feel like it is ours, our own. Honey pot spells are also easy, though as always – the easier it is, the hardest it is to pull it off. I use it for offering only if I’m outside, in the house I do honey cake. It is a bit messy to deal with it inside and I must say if you get the pot open, usually small fingers are not far from it.

Cooking and honey are like a whole A-to-Z topic by itself. If you begin from one end, you never know where it goes. Honey cakes are most preferred in my home for holidays. Any kind of holidays. Mead is also the only alcoholic  drink I tolerate and know how to make without screwing it up that bad anymore.




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