Daily bread

As long as I’m doing the A to Z Challenge, you will get double posts occasionally.

I am bread lover. So after sis told me that we can’t really have the usual bread, I felt like crying out because I can’t get past a day without piece of bread.   I would prefer black bread, but, well, if you can’t have it, then you just can’t have it – it’s no fun to live with them if they are constantly aching their bellies. So, challenge accepted!

I know there are special gluten free flour mixes. But with price of 7 Euros for half a kilo made me crawl up the wall. I could get 6 kilos of normal flour for that! Or 4 kilos of different ones… So instead I took home the 4 different ones and felt like alchemist making the Sorcerer’s stone.

And here it is – gluten free, egg free, dairy free bread! All requirements fulfilled to be added as something we can make normally! And you can add whatever sort of extras in the dough as you want! It puffs up, it can be cut normally, it does not crumble, it does not taste like corn or rice, it is moist and it tastes and acts pretty much like a normal loaf of bread!

The base:

2 tablespoons of  buckwheat flour

4 tablespoons of corn flour (or oat flour)

4,5 tablespoons of rice flour

4,5 tablespoons of  potatoes starch

ab 300 ml of water (warmer than usual if you use dry yeast)

50 g worth of dry yeast (or 50 of live yeast mixed with half of the water above)

3 tablespoons of sugar

half a tablespoon of salt

Whatever tasty things you fancy

I tried to keep the ratios of 4 parts of whole grain flours and 6 parts of white flours and starches, 1 part equals 1 lightly heaped tablespoonful.  Simply using one flour came back with results which shall never be mentioned under penalty of death.

First I mixed together the flours and the starch. Mix them throughly so no lumps will be there.  Add sugars, salt and dry yeast. Mix through. If you use the live yeast, add the flour to the rising yeast. The sugar is actually by taste – it’s just the combination I like.

Add half the water. Mix thoroughly. Add in parts the rest of the water. With those flours, you need the mix to look like morning porridge or thicker sour cream.

Add anything else you fancy. For daily loaf, I like adding some seeds or herbs if we begin getting them fresh. For lunch snack for niece, I add a mash of banana, teaspoonfuls of cardamom and cinnamon and teaspoonful of honey.

Let it rise in warm place in the medium loaf pan until your oven heats to 180-200 C. Bake it for about 30 minutes. Remove it from the pan and wrap in a towel. If you feel it is crisp, brush crispy parts with water if needed – it will nicely turn softer. Let it cool inside the towel.

And there you go. Sounds difficult, but with baking, the complete time from mixing the flours to out of the oven is about an hour.

That, by the way, is the real result 🙂 – I am super proud.

Gluten free, dairy free, egg free!


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